Tournament Sponsorships

If you're seeking a sponsor for club championships, open tournaments, or youth tournaments, Umpire Studios is a great choice. Umpire Studios' sponsorship package enhances the overall experience of the tournament.

Sponsorship package for Tournaments

Free shopping credit for all participants
A voucher of €10 free to spend with a minimum order amount of €50. Valid on all articles and in combination with other discounts and action codes.

Discount on vouchers
For winners and runners-up, it is possible to purchase vouchers at a discount. We have them in €10, €20 and €30. These vouchers are interesting for every tennis player. There are no conditions attached and the voucher can be used on the entire collection.

For requests, please mail to

Our Story

Born from the love of the sport, Umpire Studios is dedicated to creating the best sustainable Tennis and Padel apparel. Combining pure passion with professional insights, hours of testing, and a clear sense of style. All in pursuit of that one goal: Rule the courts